Wednesday, August 03, 2005

it's another lame attempt to promote our advertisers!

ah, willamette week, publisher of all things pro-prostitution, pro-stripping, and pro-porn, didn't disappoint this week. click here to read about an intern's experience (starting them young, ay?) at stripparaoke:
not once has ww published a story against prostitution. why? because it would hurt their advertising base, which includes adult "entertainers", strip clubs, and Dantes. Dantes is owned by Frank Faillace - a local restaurant/bar owner - who also seems to have his hands in several strip clubs, as well as a lingerie/"modeling" (and i use the word loosely) shop.
at any rate, there seemed to be no point to the story. the writing was weak, and the intern, brandon hartley clearly needs to go back to the u. of o. journalism school and study....really hard.


Blogger frankfaillace said...

i've never owned a 'lingerie/"modeling"' shop...
yes, portland media sucks and apparently so do bloggers who think portland media sucks...

frank faillace

3:22 PM  

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